Welcome to the Liberty Bell Squadron, United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps.
This website serves as the primary means of communicating updated information in between Drills, and parents and Cadets should check it often.

Cadets are to arrive in their type III's and bring their dress uniform in a LABELED garment bag on Saturday for the Personnel Inspection at 1300.

All parents are invited to observe the Personnel Inspection at 1300
Bring your favorite Super Bowl snack to be enjoyed after the inspection.

Emergency number is (215) 443-6018


  • POM
    04-05 February 2023 POM is now available  Open in New WindowPDF Document

    ANG Family Day pictures are in the Photo Album section.

    Time in rate, correspondence course, testing for E3 and above.

    National Headquarters requires each Unit to assure that the Cadets in the Unit are maintaining a grade of at least "C" in school. Therefore, Liberty Bell Squadron is re-instituting submission of report cards twice a year, in August and January.

    Any Cadets or Parents who have photos from Summer trainings are requested to submit them to the Operations Officer for publication on the Liberty Bell Squadron website.

    Training opportunities are now listed in the "Training" section of the website.
    Please use the menu on the left to access the training section.
    Training schedule will be posted as available.

    Orientation and Indoctrination for parents and prospective cadets will be scheduled by appointment only. Please contact LCDR Bentley at (484) 788-2290 to make an appointment. The orientation and Indoctrination lasts approximately one hour, with time for questions afterward. Parents must attend the Orientation and Indoctrination session in order to enroll a cadet in the Sea Cadet program.

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